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Taking the leap May 08 2014, 5 Comments

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."   Anais Nin

I’ve been making jewelry for almost 10 years now, and turned my new found hobby into a business about 9 years ago. I’ve loved every minute of it. It’s been an amazing channel for my creativity and an incentive to learn countless new skills and keep my brain stimulated.

But I guess until now, there was a part of me that had a hard time seeing my jewelry business as my main source of income, as something that could actually pay my bills. That part of me had a hard time believing that I could really make a good living from an activity that provided so much joy, something that didn’t feel like work. And I had a hard time believing that the world could truly value my creations.

So I kept a part time job for a long time, like a toddler holding on to her security blanket. “It’s just to make sure the bills are paid every month. To avoid putting financial stress on your creativity” my mind would whisper. And I agreed, relieved.

It made perfect sense, as the voice of my mind usually does. Perfect sense to those parts of me who were terrified of growing and having to step outside my comfort zone. Yes, my “comfort” zone. That good ol’ cozy enclosure who’s boundaries were largely defined by childhood fears.

It made perfect sense until now, until another voice in me started speaking louder than the fear. Until it got so loud that I could no longer ignore it. The voice of my heart, the voice of my soul.

It’s far from being a new voice. I’ve been hearing it for years. But my fears called it the voice of non-sense, the crazy voice, and would reply to its suggestions with what-ifs. “What if you never sell another piece of jewelry? What if you don’t make enough money to pay your bills? What if people think you’re not really talented? What if you just end up having to get another job, a really awful one that you hate?” What-if, what-if, what-if…

It’s been a long & complex process, and I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that I’ve grown into some new ideas. What if I end up selling a ton of jewelry? What if I can easily pay my bills every month and there’s even a bunch of money left over? What if the world actually thinks I’m super talented and can't get enough of my creations? What if I never have to get another “job” and get to do all the things I love for the rest of my life? What if...

So I took the leap. I jumped into the unknown and quit my job.

Am I still scared? Of course I am. I’m trying something new, something I’ve never done before and never thought I would ever have the guts to do. But I’ll say this: I’m no longer terrified. And I’m saying YES to all the exciting possibilities.

I am a full time business owner and creative powerhouse.

And I am celebrating!

Stone: PERIDOT May 06 2014, 0 Comments

I love this gemstone so much. Green has always been such a soothing, comforting and grounding color for me, feeling like trees, plants & nature. So vibrant and full of life.

This gorgeous stone is a great companion during periods of change and growth, and perfect for transition. It helps strengthen our sense of self and teaches us to hear and trust our inner voice of intuition. It clears our channels so we can receive guidance.

I'm selling a lot of Peridot pieces these days, which has me working with the stone almost every day. Definitely not a coincidence, as I'm in the middle of a big transition myself...

Stones are amazing! And SO beautiful.

Here are a few wonderful Peridot pieces:

Stone: CHERRY QUARTZ April 25 2014, 0 Comments

This is the sister-stone of the well known Rose Quartz; a darker, more vibrant version of it. But it carries the same gentle, nurturing energy and is filled with love vibration. It is a powerful gem to soften and open the heart, and is particularly effective at promoting self-love.

A wonderful choice for wedding jewelry if the color calls to you (and matches your theme!) as it encourages the flow of love between its wearer and those around her. 

I also recommend this gem for children. The young hearts are in their natural, open state and this stone aids in maintaining that openness through the challenges that accompany childhood (peer pressure, etc...) 

Plus this warm shade of pink is so girly and fun!

Here are some beautiful Cherry Quartz pieces:


Stone: MOONSTONE April 23 2014, 0 Comments

I've always found Moonstone to be quite mesmerizing with its iridescent hues of blue, purple, green and yellow. Depending on the perspective of the viewer, and how the light pours through it, Moonstone takes on a different appearance and personality. Constantly changing and flowing, just like the Feminine energy it is so full of, so connected with.

This stone has a very soothing and nurturing vibration and is therefore wonderful to wear during challenging times and stressful transitions.

It's also a perfect stone for weddings; for the brides who want to connect to their deep, powerful feminine core and be in a soft, open space to receive their groom. 

Another fabulous aspect of this gemstone is that it goes with everything. So wear it often and enjoy the benefits.

Here are some beautiful, delicate Moonstone pieces:

Stone: CARNELIAN April 23 2014, 0 Comments

Red is one of my favorite colors, and Carnelian one of my favorite stones. Vibrant, full of life and passion, it's a happy stone that will make you want to sing & dance. 

A great choice for those times in life when we're dragging our feet, feeling low energy and lacking motivation. Physically it adds a beautiful splash of vibrant color when we accessorize our outfits with it. Energetically it gives a spark of passion and ignites (or rekindles) our inner fire. 

Here are several great options, from subtle to spectacular, to add a little Carnelian to your daily life:

Here's to living life to the fullest!


Welcome to my blog! April 23 2014, 0 Comments

Welcome to my blog!

I've been resisting this whole "blog" thing for a long time even though it kept pulling at me gently, calling me softly... Until the call became anything but soft and the pull far from gentle. So here I am. Blogging.

Communicating & sharing has always been a very important aspect of who I am, ever since I started speaking. And writing has been an significant communication tool ever since I learned the alphabet many years ago. Letters, cards, notes, stories, and later emails texts and social media posts... and now blogging.

This will be a space for me to share thoughts, ideas and feelings about all kinds of topics. Jewelry, stones, femininity and fashion will definitely be a part of it, but I also want this to be a place to share about life in general. Love and fear, triumphs and challenges; the whole spectrum in all its glory.

And I want this to be a two way street. I want to hear from you, so please feel free to share your own thoughts, ideas and feelings on all the various subjects I will present here.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

With love & gratitude,