New Year Play-Time January 01 2016, 0 Comments

Here's the result of our today's play-time: paintings of our themes for the year 2016. This is the 3rd one, so it's becoming a (really fun) tradition.

Mine is "listen" and Nate's is "simplify, refine & streamline". I'm sure you can guess which is who's... 


As usual, the idea of painting brought up a little anxiety for me, but much less than last time. It's such a good exercise for my brain to simply dive into a creative activity with no plan whatsoever, very little experience or skills, and no possibility of doing it "right" or "perfectly".

Today, I just grabbed the paint & brushes and I listened. And this is what came through.

It's in this space that I'm stepping into this new year. Brushes in hand and ears peeled, I'm ready to hear the soft whispers of my heart and feel Life's gentle nudges. And I'm excited to see what is created.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! May your 2016 be a wonderful ride, rich with experiences that inspire you to embrace more of your beautiful self.
Can't wait to see what we all create!