Kitchen Makeover - Epoxy over granite countertops May 14 2020, 2 Comments

Hubby & I just bought a new home we absolutely love, but we're not crazy about its 1990s vibe...

We decided to update our kitchen first as it's a central part of the house. But our (small) budget didn’t allow for a full remodel so we decided to try and work with the existing features. That’s how we discovered the epoxy option for our outdated granite countertops, and after reading about it and watching several videos, I decided to tackle the project.

I documented my process to (hopefully) help those interested in giving it a try. I am definitely not a professional; that was a first for me. So please keep that in mind. It was a long and messy process, but we’re super happy with the result. And yes, I would totally do it again. Actually, I’ll be doing it on our bathroom countertops very soon!

Happy epoxy-ing!


 Here's how I did it: 


******** BACKSPLASH **********

A few people asked, so here's what we did with the backsplash: we were working with a very tight budget, so we figured out the most cost-efficient way to cover up the granite backsplash once I was done with the epoxy countertop, and we ended up using brushed aluminum peel and stick tile.

Here are some before and after pics:



* The only thing missing in these pics is the new outlets & faceplates, which we replaced shortly after. Kept them black as it matches our appliances.