The "POWERED BY LOVE" Hand Stamped Omnisex Silver And Eco Leather Wrap Bracelet


I make every single one of my jewelry/accessory pieces by hand and infuse them with love. My intention is that you feel as much joy wearing/using them as I felt making them, and that they help bring out the unique, beautiful, powerful essence that is YOU. Thank you for visiting my store!



This affirmation moves me deeply. I have such a clear vision of what the world could be if everyone in it was "powered by love"...

This is my small way of spreading this powerful message, and the Love. Please join me if it speaks to your heart.

This beautiful peace was hand forged and stamped on sterling silver. I used eco-suede for the wrap, which is a non-animal product that has the same great look and is super durable/resistant (I wear mine in the shower, in the sun, the pool, and the color hasn't changed one bit).

NOTE: this is one size fits all, but the end can be knotted once or twice to make it hang a particular way (see photo). Also, the "suede" will most likely stretch from wear & tear and this is an easy way to adjust the length (I keep mine on the loose side to be able to undo them). 

A very trendy style, great for all genders.

Length: approx. 47" long (total)

 Specs: metal tag is 1  1/4" X  3/8"

PLEASE NOTE: variations and "imperfections" are part of the beauty & uniqueness of hand stamped items. 

GOES WELL WITH: necklace


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