The "FREE SPIRIT" Hand Stamped Omnisex Hammered Silver Cuff Bracelet


I make every single one of my jewelry/accessory pieces by hand and infuse them with love. My intention is that you feel as much joy wearing/using them as I felt making them, and that they help bring out the unique, beautiful, powerful essence that is YOU. Thank you for visiting my store!



Words are powerful. Affirmations are a very effective tool for transformation and wearing them on our body can be extremely beneficial. Are you a FREE SPIRIT...?

This beautiful peace was hand forged and stamped on sterling silver, then hammered and oxidized to create interesting texture & finish. A great style for all genders.

Length: 6" one-size-fits-all (for smaller wrists, just squeeze it tighter and larger ones, spread it wider)

 Specs: metal is 1/4" wide and 1mm (18 gauge) thick

PLEASE NOTE: variations and "imperfections" are part of the beauty & uniqueness of hand stamped items. 


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