The Long And Elegant Lapis Lazuli and Hammered Gold Necklace


I make every single one of my jewelry/accessory pieces by hand and infuse them with love. My intention is that you feel as much joy wearing/using them as I felt making them, and that they help bring out the unique, beautiful, powerful essence that is YOU. Thank you for visiting my store!


I just love this combination: cool & soothing Lapis Lazuli stones set in warm & comforting gold. I made all the gold connector bars from scratch with 14K gold filled wire, and hammered them to create an interesting texture. I wire-wrapped all the stones carefully and put all the parts together to create this stunning adornment.

This is a very elegant necklace that is also extremely versatile and fun to play with as you explore new styles. (see photos) Wear it on its own, or layer it with another, it is definitely a piece that will get noticed and make you feel extra feminine.

Length: approx. 51” around
Square stones: approx. 16mm


• Lapis Lazuli: a stone of truth, it helps you confront it wherever you find it, and gently embrace what it teaches. It encourages taking charge of your life, promotes self-awareness, and allows self-expression without compromise. It also opens your third eye chakra.

GOES WELL WITH: necklace1 (to layer), necklace2 (to layer), earrings


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