The "47 Different Ways" Silver Bubbles Lariat With Blue Topaz Gemstones


I make every single one of my jewelry/accessory pieces by hand and infuse them with love. My intention is that you feel as much joy wearing/using them as I felt making them, and that they help bring out the unique, beautiful, powerful essence that is YOU. Thank you for visiting my store!


This is probably the most versatile piece of jewelry you'll ever come across. Seriously. I designed it to be worn as a necklace AND earrings, and within those categories, you can get very creative. Personally I have found 40 different ways to wear it as a necklace, and 7 different ways as earrings. You might even be able to use it as a decorative belt (the chain part is 36" long) ! Perhaps you'll discover a few more...

This stunning piece is primarily a lariat (open ended necklace), which is the form it is pictured in in the main photo. But because both sides end in a clasp, the pendant parts can be changed, moved and removed. 

Basically, the clasps can be attached to any of the silver rings (small, medium or large), and can also hold 2 or even all three stacked rings. Where/how you clasp will change the orientation and the appearance of the pendant on all necklace or earring styles.

The geometric pendant on this beautiful necklace was made completely from scratch with sterling silver wire and went through an extensive creation process. Every "bubble" was first hand formed, then soldered closed, attached (soldered) to the others, and also hammered to create the final style & texture. 

No two shapes will ever be totally alike, and that's part of the beauty & uniqueness of hand crafted jewelry pieces. That's what makes them extra special.

This is such a stylish piece that you will have fun wearing with all your favorite outfits; casual, business or evening.

And yes, it comes with instructions!

Length: approx. 36” around
Pendant: approx. 3 ½” long


• Blue Topaz: is a soothing and calming stone. It releases tension and promotes feelings of joy & clarity, helping you rise above stress & problems. It is a great stone for communication as well as decision making. It is also known to fuel creativity and attract wealth.


GOES WELL WITH: earringsearrings2bracelet, bracelet2necklace1 (for layering), necklace2 (for layering)

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