The Long Gold, Ebony And Rutilated Quartz Necklace With Shell Mosaic Pendant

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This necklace is so full of interesting little surprises that you’ll just want to keep looking at it and discover the many facets of its personality.

The wood and Rutilated Quartz complement the beautiful Shell mosaic pendant so perfectly with their colors and textures. It is light and very comfortable to wear

This piece is unique and glamorous without being pretentious and it also possesses a very earthy quality which makes it extremely versatile. Afternoon or evening, this gorgeous creation is sure to add life & style to your outfits and will definitely bring out the goddess in you.

Length: approx. 32" around
Pendant: approx. 3  1/2" (total with wood bead), 1  3/4" (mosaic pendant only)


• Shell: Contains the energies of the god of the sea, and was revered by ancient tribes throughout the world as a magical gift – one which can stimulate fertility of both the mind and body. It symbolizes boundless growth, and also helps with decision-making providing the sensitivity, imagination and insight needed.

• Wood: associated with stability, security, strength, longevity, grounding, calmness and wisdom. Helps you communicate with nature and teaches you respect for ancient knowledge.

• Rutilated Quartz: It is a stimulating stone that gets your energy moving on all levels and increases mental focus, diminishing fears and assisting you with decision-making. It brings forth your strengths and deflects negative and unwanted energies. Physically, it enhances tissue regeneration, therefore slowing down the aging process.

GOES WELL WITH: earrings, earrings2


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