The Five Hammered Silver Stackable Eternity Rings


I make every single one of my jewelry/accessory pieces by hand and infuse them with love. My intention is that you feel as much joy wearing/using them as I felt making them, and that they help bring out the unique, beautiful, powerful essence that is YOU. Thank you for visiting my store!


The ring is a symbol of eternity, with no beginning and no end, representing our true nature beyond this physical/human experience.

And this piece is eternity times five!

This set of five delicate rings was hand made from scratch with sterling silver wire. Forged, soldered & lightly hammered for a final texture.

Wear all of them together, one or two at a time, or layer them with other rings for a fuller look. 

Each set of rings is made to order. NO TWO PIECES WILL BE EXACTLY ALIKE, PERFECTLY ALIGNED OR SYMMETRICAL making each one of them a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Single band thickness: approx. 1.5 mm
Total set width: approx. 5/8"


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