Long Wire-Wrapped Green Calcite Chunk Necklace

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Long intricately wire-wrapped Green Calcite chunk. Asymmetrical. Freshwater Pearls and Wood accent. 14K Gold Filled.

Length: adjustable up to 35"
Pendant: approx. 1  3/4 X 1  1/2"


• Green Calcite: a powerful amplifier of energy that speeds up your development and growth. It has the ability to change your ideas into action. It is a highly spiritual stone that expands your awareness and psychic abilities. Green Calcite dissolves rigid beliefs and old programs, and also stimulates your immune system.

• Freshwater Pearls: carry a very gentle, nurturing vibration. They encourage open, honest, heart to heart communication and inspire serenity. Pearls enable you to see, accept and love all parts of yourself, and expand into the full potential of your being. They are also said to promote antibodies and fight infection.

• Wood: associated with stability, security, strength, longevity, grounding, calmness and wisdom. Helps you communicate with nature and teaches you respect for ancient knowledge.

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