Long Chunky Asymmetrical Amazonite, Shell and Wood Necklace

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Long, chunky asymmetrical necklace. Sterling silver.

Length: approx. 37” around
Pendant: approx. 3.5"


• Amazonite: an extremely soothing stone that calms your brain and nervous system, and appeases your emotions. It also opens your heart and throat chakras to enhance loving communication. Furthermore, it absorbs cell phone emanations and protect against electromagnetic pollution.

• Shell: contains the energies of the god of the sea, and was revered by ancient tribes throughout the world as a magical gift – one which can stimulate fertility of both the mind and body. It symbolizes boundless growth, and also helps with decision-making providing the sensitivity, imagination and insight needed.

• Wood: associated with stability, security, strength, longevity, grounding, calmness and wisdom. Helps you communicate with nature and teaches you respect for ancient knowledge.

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