Jasper and Aquamarine Pendant on Double Sterling Silver Chain Necklace

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Jasper and Aquamarine pendant on Sterling Silver double-chain. Toggle clasp. 

Length: approx. 17.5" around
Pendant: approx. 2.5 X 1  1/8"


• Jasper: a very soothing stone that nurtures, sustains and supports you during times of stress. It brings tranquility and wholeness to your being and is a great protector against negativity. This stone is particularly connected to creation, birth and new beginnings, and is also great to improve your sense of self worth and body image.

• Aquamarine: a calming stone that reduces stress and quiets the mind. It gives you support, and encourages you to take responsibility for yourself and break old self-defeating programs. It clears blocked communication, and promotes self-expression by stimulating and cleansing your throat charka. It also sharpens your intuition.

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