Goddess Pendant Necklace With Red Aventurine, Hematite And Wood

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Red Aventurine, Hematite and Wood beads. Goddess pendant. Fancy toggle clasp. Sterling Silver.

Length: approx. 16" around 
Pendant: approx. 1.5" long


Aventurine: a stone of power that reinforces your leadership qualities and decisiveness. It helps you see your gifts, believe in yourself and focus your energy towards a specific goal. It is also a great protector, only allowing supportive energies into your field.

• Hematite: a particularly grounding and protective stone that also acts as a great magnet, working with your intentions to attract the things you want to draw into your life. It enhances your willpower and reliability, and increases self-confidence. Physically, it has a connection with blood, restoring, strengthening, and regulating its supply.

• Wood: associated with stability, security, strength, longevity, grounding, calmness and wisdom. Helps you communicate with nature and teaches you respect for ancient knowledge.

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