Double Hematite Necklace w/ Red Jasper and Fire Agate Pendant

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Double Hematite chunky necklace. Asymmetrical. Red jasper and Fire Agate pendant. Sterling Silver accent.

Length: approx. 21" around
Pendant: approx. 4  1/4" long 


Hematite: a particularly grounding and protective stone that also acts as a great magnet, working with your intentions to attract the things you want to draw into your life. It enhances your willpower and reliability, and increases self-confidence. Physically, it has a connection with blood, restoring, strengthening, and regulating its supply.

• Fire Agate: has a strong connection to the earth, which brings a sense of security and safety. Its strong grounding powers will support you during difficult times. It also fires up your base chakra and stimulates vitality on all levels.

• Red Jasper:  Called the stone of fairness and justice, Red Jasper is associated with the root charka, having the ability to activate it for an increase in life-force energies. It offers grounding and strength and helps in all areas of survival. It is a very protective stone and is especially efficient at strengthening your boundaries.

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