Carnelian And Smokey Quartz Bracelet on Silver

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Faceted Carnelian and Smokey Quartz stones. "SPIRIT" charm. Adjustable. Sterling silver.

Length: adjustable 7  1/2 to 9” around


Carnelian: a great action stone full of life force that increases your physical energy. It is excellent for restoring motivation, fueling creativity, and even revealing hidden talents. It energizes your second chakra and stimulates deep love. This stone is warming, joyous and soothes irritation.

• Smokey Quartz: a powerful “stone of cooperation” that unifies your energy to help you achieve your goals. It dissolves mental and emotional blockages that limit your perception and learning. If you are worried, it will help you set aside your thinking mind and clear your mental channels. A very comforting and calming stone that is also a great shield against negative energies.

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